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Also be sure that the fax part of the modem supports Class 2 or Class 2. Controllers SCSI 36 9. At least the following terminals will be supported: Notes on proprietary drivers Various proprietary drivers for sound, video, etc. Value Edition Creative Labs has beta driver for this card.

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After he fell off the face of the planet in late or early and we all miss him from IRC, I might addPatrick Reijnen took over sometime in and continued to maintain this document until late Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this document over the years. Unsupported This section is likely to be out of date. Main ports are 4Mpbs, secondaries are kbps. Acknowledgments This document has passed through many hands.

An FTP archive can be found at here. Also, some multiport boards will use or or various other multiport or multifunction chips from National or other suppliers generally in a dense package soldered to the board, not a 40 pin DIP. Eventhough Microsoft’s mice have only two buttons, the protocol allows three buttons.


A small number of modems come with DOS software that downloads the control program at runtime. In fact, it seems that most PCI modems are winmodems. Currently supported joysticks are: For more information about Linux and laptops, the following sites are good starting points. Value Edition Creative Labs has beta driver for this card.

The old NexGen processors are also supported. At least the following terminals will be supported: Also, check the Linux Parallel Linjx support pages for more information here.

For a list of supported hardware, see the Linux Input Drivers Supported hardware list alternate site here. The basic idea of RAID is to combine multiple small, inexpensive disk drives into an array of disk drives which yields performance exceeding that of a single large expensive drive.

Unsupported Please note that this section has not been linuxx recently. Main port is 4Mpbs, secondary is kbps. Notes on proprietary drivers Various proprietary drivers for sound, video, etc. Unfortunately, that field in Mode Sense Page 3 is not modifiable and there is no way to update the firmware on the D38x7 drives to correct this problem.

Read the bug report available. XFree86 The following is a list of cards known to work with XFree86 versions 3. See the ATM on Linux project web site for more information. More dead link fixes and other corrections. If lx232c getting one of these cards, be sure to check which standard it conforms to, prices are no indication.


New versions of this document The latest version of this document can be found on the Linux Documentation Project home site or any of its many mirrors.

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It can be downloaded from here. This list is not meant to be comprehensive: Controllers multiport 41 I list these cards because people frequently ask about them.

Extra instructions meant to speed multimedia. The following items need to be fixed for that to happen: In some cases there can be a few minor technical problems with Class 1 modems. Also, many of the model numbers listed in this document are no longer available, and are probably not of much interest to the vast majority of people. If you have a choice it is recommend to get a Class 2 modem.