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The next slab was one chakram, while the first class tickets cost 50 per cent more of the basic fare. Retrieved from ” https: The Motor Vehicle Act was passed in This service slot in between fast passenger and super fast passenger services. This service was introduced by K.

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At the time of transfer there were bus schedules and 36 lorry schedules. Easy access by just entering first four letters the places will be listed for search Bus Search.

Thiruvananthapuram zone which includes three keralla has more buses. A special committee for the reorganization of public transport was formed and it was decided to seek the services of an expert in this field.

These services had limited stops across Kerala. Kerala Tamil Nadu Karnataka Mahe. These branded services – Venad and Ananthapuri – had a variety of advantages over normal buses. These buses are colored in red and yellow. These services were faster than ordinary buses, but slower than Fast Passenger buses.

He joined the committee on 20 September and began working on the project. Rajamanikyam IAS was in office.


Ganesh Kumar in The early buses were like saloons with 23 soft leather seats. Nearly a hundred bachelor’s degree holders were given appointments as Inspectors and Conductors.

Kerala SRTC – Online Ticket Reservation & Cancellation – Tips | CompleteKerala

The Buses are red and white in color and designs of lightning bolts are painted on them. The services have fares on a par with the super deluxe service of the transport utility. Low floor buses stops at all Fast Passenger stops. The service facilitated with reservation system had tickets similar to flights.


Even though the features of the buses are same as of deluxe air bus, the fare charge is lower in super express buses. There is no difference with ordinary fare.

Of India had formulated a scheme for funding to urban buses [ Providing a list of prestigious services operated from different destinations of Kerala. Anil 25 January These services later stopped due to low ridership. These services were touted to be a faster alternative to the then predominant Fast Passenger Services. Providing a search service to its esteemed commuters.

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation – Wikipedia

These buses would stop only at limited number of stops. The machine had a button, when pressed the ticket will come out with a ring of bell in the machine. Salter drove the bus, thereby earning the recognition of being the first driver of the State transport department.


During kefala period free travel was allowed for children up to 3 years and only half the fare was charged for children until age Though they had a capacity of only 25 to 30 seats, those buses were ideal for certain routes and stopped at places desired by the passengers. However, they were stopped as the buses were deemed less durable. New buses were inducted to operate ordinary services.

The bus body shop supervised by Salter was at Chakai which was later moved to Pappanamcode. These are essentially re-colored superfast buses carrying water conservation messages. The buses had a silver colored paint job. Balakrishna Pillaiwho was the transport minister then, this service even had onboard toilet facility.