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Here was Benson, three years older, always urging that they think things through. He emerged with one less tooth and a concussion. They hired a person, leased space, and came up with a strategic plan — all in six days. And hardly any of them delivered it in less than six months. We don’t want it to, and it won’t.

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When Levine told this to his friend, year-old Craig Benson, there was little doubt in Benson’s mind as to the next step. During lunch breaks and evenings, Levine and Benson spliced a 1, foot section to meet their first order, and then sold the remaining 9, feet of cable to new customers.

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Cabletron Systems

The Cabletron story starts in March of with then year-old Robert Levine. This should be removed. Levine and Benson’s unorthodox management style gives employees impetus to work hard. And “if you use a flip chart, you don’t belong here,” he says.

As xabletron teenager, he “exercised the engine” of his mother’s white Cordoba by zooming along at miles per hour — or at least that’s what the police claimed when they caught up with him. International Directory of Company HistoriesVol. Such trigger-happy behavior takes a toll on morale. Great place to work cabletrin career advancement opportunities. Not long afterward, Levine was selling wire and cable for systemx own company on a full-time basis, and Benson was taking care of the firm’s finances during evenings and weekends.


When Cabletron’s engineers developed a box that not only controlled information input and output systeme allowed computer analysts to diagnose problems with connections into the network, both the product and the company were poised for success. Cabletron Systems was a manufacturer of networking computer equipment throughout the s and s primarily based in Rochester, New Hampshirein the United States.

First learned about robotic equipment, and programming. Riverstone, focused on service providers in the metro area; Enterasys, focused on enterprise switching customers, Aprisma Management Technologiesfocused on software customers, and GlobalNetwork Technology Services Inc. That particular project engineer also happened to be the chairman of csbletron company, though he didn’t advertise it. What other companies should aspire to be like.

Cabletron Systems, Inc. — Company History

Levine, it seems, can’t get enough. Also, the day before Celestica was going to buy Cabletron Manufacturing, Craig Benson found out Celestica was installing Cablstron routers. But as the IPO market has gotten increasingly chilly with each passing month, Cabletron execs decided to bypass the IPO route for Enterasys, deciding instead to just rename Cabletron.

Views Read Edit View history. Last summer Benson joined 40 employees for a Sunday boat trip.

Levine fires any salesperson who flies during company time. Cabletron’s plug-in network adapter cards for different kinds of computers allowed users to connect into Ethernet networks and thereby communicate and share information and data with other users on the network.


This should also be removed.

Cabletron Systems, Inc. – Rochester, NH

Similarly, Cabletron controls the sales process by fielding a direct-sales force, instead of working through value-added resellers, the industry norm. As a rep, he had dealt with far too many suppliers from whom he could not even get a firm delivery date.

Upload your resume Sign in. Levine, 32, likes to confound expectations. That makes seven offices that Casson has opened abroad.

Cabletron Systems, Inc.

By the end of systeme, Cabletron became cabletroj leader in the worldwide intelligent hub market, capturing a market share of nearly 17 percent, while SynOptics’ market share fell to When customers called with problems, the only available equipment required shutting down the computer network — testing customers’ patience and often costing them money.

To keep its product line expanding in the right direction, Cabletron exploits the advantages of having a direct-sales force. Finally, in the spring of the company announced it would be splitting into four separate companies, each with a its own customer and product focus: