The telephone support wasn’t much better, as hold times in several tests were over 30 minutes, with the longest hold time being 40 minutes. I asked about the return and they said I had 14 days. I went to a different Office Depot location to look at he AL W in person and found they did not have one on the shelf. The physical cabinet, the look, the screen are all acceptable. Being 5ms rated, the screen will be more than adequate for most users, but those who are more serious about gaming may want to consider some of the other models available in the market that use more RTC technology to boost grey to grey transitions. Click to enlarge Here you can see the tilt mechanism in full swing. There are some faster 22″WS models emerging like the Samsung SMBW for instance which might be a little more suited to faster gaming.

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Sure, we’ve seen stronger performance on games and DVDs from more expensive displays, but it’s perfectly fine for the vast majority of people who will just do everyday computing. So the choice for me was 22 inch wide screen. The far left button will also auto zcer the display if you are using an analog connection.

As a reminder, this is not a definitive guide to response time or how a screen might behave in all situations and for all people. Obviously there is a technology difference zl2216 consider here, but for many average users, the larger screen size and lower price are more attractive.

Returning to the front of the unit, the four buttons on the bottom allow you to navigate the OSD. Having the ability to use an analog VGA connection can be useful at times i.


I went online and checked several reports and found the Acer was not worse than the others and in some ways better. I set the brightness and contrast and the monitor looks great unless you want to read fonts, which are funny looking due to the resolution issues.

Acer AL review: Acer AL – CNET

The monitor came packaged well in a surprisingly thin box. He was very polite and nice, however. How important the individual specifications are is up for debate, and what matters to one person may not matter at all to someone else. At first glance, there was only an option for colour temperature, with “warm”, “cool” and “user” being selectable. I got home and set up the monitor.

Black depth was good and so darker scenes in movies were mostly ok, with differences in shades detectable. He was very polite and nice, however.

If you’re using the screen a lot for office use you will probably want to acsr the brightness setting down somewhat, as discussed in the colour accuracy and calibration section of this review. It doesn’t really tilt forward, but the backwards tilt should be enough for most people. Log in Don’t have an account? The lack of rotate and swivel options aren’t a big concern, but depending on the location of the LCD the lack of a height adjustment option can be a problem.

The 22 inch wide screen is taller xl2216 my old 19 inch CRT.

Click for larger image. A keen eye will spot some slight blurring, and certainly a degree of texture blur. Here’s a quick look at the various options in the OSD.

They aal2216 certainly of the newer generation of TN Film where viewing angles have improved somewhat compared with some older screens. This isn’t too bad for a TFT screen and certainly should be no issue to the majority of users. The physical cabinet, the look, the screen are all acceptable. Compare These Samsung CF I figured I could upgrade the driver from the CD or online.


Acer AL2216 Manuals

We tried to take some pictures that would allow comparing the quality of the analog signal versus the digital signal, but while we could see a slight difference with our eyes the camera wasn’t quite able to pick up on the subtle variation, at least in the pictures we took.

If you are serious xcer gaming, these technologies may well help bridge that gap. The decent panel uniformity meant that viewing movies with black borders did not show any obvious backlight leakage, something which can be distracting on some models. If you’re not in need of immediate support, dealing with a periodically sluggish web interface is probably better than sitting on the phone.

Acer AL Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. I noticed the x resolution and I thought my Matrox Millienium G dual head has up to x so I figured no problem it must support x Except where noted, all al22216 our testing is conducted using a DVI connection. That may seem like quite a lot, but a black dot on a white background would actually count as three dead pixels, so the policy is competitive with what we’ve heard from other LCD manufacturers.